Giant Jenga

Classic Tumbling Tower… Life Size!

Giant Jenga from Zone Entertainment is truly one of a kind. Guests are sure to be entertained for hours attempting to build the tallest tower possible without tumbling over!


The Experience:

Watch in amazement as guests are immediately drawn to a giant version of their favorite childhood game, Jenga! Guests young and old will be playing in a head to head competition to see who pulls to block which tumbles the tower. The winner will receive bragging rights and can be crowned the Giant Jenga Champion of the night!

Giant Jenga Features

Giant Jenga Features:

  • Large wooden Jenga blocks
  • Sanded edges on each block to ensure the safety of all guests
  • Finished surface on each block to increase ease of removal from tower

Technical Requirements

  • Minimum 6′ x 6′ footprint
  • AC Power:  None Needed