Giant Chess

A Classic Board Game, LIFE-SIZED! 

Zone Entertainment Giant Games Collection will keep guests entertained for hours at your next event! No instructions necessary for these simple, yet timeless games!


The Experience:

The objective of chess is brought to you life-sized. Ensure guests remained entertained at your next event with Zone Entertainment’s Giant Games Collection, featuring giant versions of classic games Pick-Up Sticks, Connect Four, Jenga, Chess, and Scrabble. Available either individually or as a complete collection, these nostalgic games are sure to bring back old memories and reel in guests that are ready to relive their childhood through gameplay.


Chess Features:

  • Large Chess Board  
  • 2-3FT Tall Chess Pieces       
  • For indoor and outdoor use

Technical Requirements

  • Minimum 8′ x 8′ footprint
  • AC Power: NONE