Inflatable Velcro Wall 

Run, Jump and Stick at Your Event!

Your guests will be suited up and can try their skills in high-jumping on a velcro wall from Zone Entertainment. This fun interactive wall is a sure hit at your next event. 


The Experience:

Your guests will be provided special velcro suits for the opportunity to run, jump and stick yourself to the giant Velcro Wall. It is sure to make some good stories after the event. Zone Entertainment has suits for all ages as they are available in child and adult sizes.


Velcro Wall Features:

  • Inflatable Velcro Wall 
  • Velcro Suits   
  • Activity Attendants       
  • For use outdoors; Indoor use varies on venue size

Technical Requirements

  • Minimum 20′ x 25′ footprint
  • AC Power: 120V/2A