Bring A Spark To Your Event!

Cleveland’s Only Heat-Less, Smell-Free, Indoor-Safe, Pyrotechnic-Simulator Unit.  Add a little spark to your next event with Sparkular by Zone Entertainment!  Perfect for grand entrances, stage props, or even décor accents, the sky is the limit both for Sparkular and its capabilities.


The Experience:

One of the newest trending items in the event industry, Sparkular is as amazing as it is unique. Watch as guests’ jaws drop during each blast, as this totally-safe spark fountain illuminates your event space!  This item is totally customizable, with ranging fountain heights and their ability to link them together to execute specific firing sequences.


Sparkulars ship as a single unit, and are only handled by our team of certified technicians.  Different variants of powder are then inserted into the unit’s inner chamber, which later produces the spark fountain.  All units on site are then linked to a master controller, where a specially-certified technician controls its use to the specifications of the event and / or our guest.


Sparkular Features:

  • Ship as a single unit, handled by our team of certified technicians
  • All units are synced on site to a master controller
  • Safe to the touch
  • Exceptional Zone technician to control the Sparkular controller


  • Sparkular units are offered ONLY with a specially-certified Zone technician, and in most cases cannot be rented for personal control
  • There is NO fire!  This is a fireworks simulator perfectly safe for indoor use
  • Sparkular’s fountain flow is completely safe to the touch, and has a timed, automatic shutoff feature for added safety
  • Sparkular requires minimal cleanup, and adheres to common interpretations of national, local and state fire codes

Technical Requirements

  • Minimum 6′ x 6′ footprint for each unit (includes safety perimeter)
  • Can fire up to 20′ high (or controlled back to below ceiling height)
  • AC Power: 120V / 3A (per unit)