Chill Blast

Super-Chilled Fog

Imagine you are out on a hot, steamy dance floor and just want to cool off.  Zones Chill blast will create large plumes of super-chilled fog to not only cool you down but make for an incredible special effect.


The Experience:

Chill Blast is an effect where large 45-foot jets of super-chilled fog blast out over the dance floor taking a 90-degree atmosphere to 30 degrees in 6 seconds, immediately cooling off  the party guests. These blasts happen numerous times throughout the event and are timed with the music for ultimate effect.


Chill Blast Includes:

  • Super-chilled fog; reduces dance floor temperature to 30 degrees
  • Timed with the music to create an amazing impact
  • Blasts numerous times throughout the event

Chill Blast Options:

  • Handheld Cryo Blaster
    • The Handheld Cryo Blaster is triggered by one of our Zone team members out on the dance floor. Along with the assistance of one of our team members guests can be a part of the experience and have an opportunity to trigger the blaster!
  • Truss Mounted Cryo Jets
    • The Truss Mounted Cryo Jets are secured to a Zone Entertainment trussing structure. Creating an amazing atmospheric look and feel when triggered.

Technical Requirements

  • Utilizes 50LB CO2 tank (included)
  • AC Power: 120V / 1A