Dancing In The Clouds

Low Lying Fog Effect

Ever want the ability to feel like you are floating above the clouds? With the Dancing In The Clouds effect from Zone Entertainment you and your guests can experience just that!


The Experience:

All of your guests will be in awe when they enter a ballroom and are immediately transported to a magical world above the clouds. Guests old and young alike will rush to the dance floor once they get a glimpse of the heavenly paradise that awaits. Perfect for a wide range of event themes, Dancing On The Clouds is like a fairytale dream come true!


Dancing In The Clouds Features:

  • Cold Flow Dispensing Machine
  • Cold Flow CO2
  • Large, Long Lasting CO2 Tank
  • Zone Entertainment Technician to safely trigger this amazing effect

Technical Requirements

  • Minimum 4′ x 6′ footprint
  • AC Power: 220V / 40A