Digital Art Wall & Photo Booth

PaintZone adds an interactive element to a photo favor.  Not only do guests have the ability to have their photo taken, they can decorate their photo with digital spray cans and receive an instant-printed copy to take home!


The Experience:

Guests stand in front of a large (10′ wide by 7′ tall) screen to have their photo taken.  This photo instantly pops up onto the large screen.  They are then given a digital spray can to add their own artwork to their photo as if they were painting on it live.  No mess, as it is all done with digital light.  Guests receive a full-color instant printout of their photo with artwork and it is framed up in a cardboard frame to take home.

Custom Stencils & Stamps:

PaintZone allows for the addition of custom stencils and stamps to be used.  We can put your event logo on the screen and allow guests to use it to create their artwork.  A true customization and gives you the ability to make this unique and special to your event.


PaintZone Features:

  • Unlimited photo prints and cardboard photo frames
  • Full PaintZone Digital Art Wall Setup
  • Digital spray cans and markers
  • Custom stencils and stamps included (customize it for your event)
  • 4×6 full color photos instantly printed in 4.2 seconds (yes, we timed it!)
  • Exceptional Zone photo attendant to assist guests with the process and take photos

Technical Requirements

  • Minimum 10′ x 10′ footprint
  • AC Power: 120V / 10A