Pin Spot Lighting

Highlighting Your Event

Do you have amazing centerpieces, decor pieces, cake display or food stations you want your guests to rave over? Enhance all those elements and more with highly-focused, pin spot lighting.


The Experience:

Pin spot lighting can add a glow to any decor or event element. They produce a very concentrated beam of focused light and are designed to highlight one specific item. Our pin spot lighting is magnetic, wireless, and remote controlled with options of intensity of lighting.  These lights are wonderful to highlight centerpieces, buffet tables, decor pieces, cakes, signage and more!


Pin Spot Lighting features:

  • Highlighted beam of warm light
  • Battery Operated, no need for wires!
  • Extremely tight beam angle
  • Remote control with dimming capabilities

Technical Requirements

  • Requires a metal/magnetic service to mount
  • Battery Powered