Monogram Light Projection

Your Event Slogan in Lights

Custom Monograms from us can add a great piece of lighting décor for any event.  With this unique customizable projection you can personalize your special event.


The Experience:

Display virtually any image or design of your choice with a crisp and elegant look! Guests will appreciate the charm and flair of a custom monogram as it broadcasts the message of your event. Monogram lighting projections can also bring your event theme to life with our wide range of stock images available.

The Setup:

Monograms are placed within stage lighting units on-site and are adjusted for maximum clarity by our team of trained technicians. Lighting fixtures are mounted on an included stand, or can be hung from ceiling fixtures depending on the event’s logistics.


Monogram Light features:

  • Custom or Stock Steel Monogram
  • Custom or Stock Glass Monogram
  • Stage Lighting (Leko) Spotlight Unit
  • Lighting Stand or Mounting Accessories
  • Accompanying Power Cables

Technical Requirements

  • Minimum 3′ x 3′ footprint
  • AC Power: 120V / 2A