LED TV Screen

Your Video On The Big Screen!

LED TV Screens are perfect for achieving sleek aesthetics at your next event. With much more than the mere ability to stream television, our team of creative directors can make anything unfold before the eyes of your guests.


The Experience:

Whether there’s a major TV event that needs to be streamed or you just need assistance in branding an event, LED TV Screens can do it all. With the ability to display high resolution, digital media files, LED TV Screens can portray custom logos, graphics, videos, and realistically any other form of digital content. If it needs to be seen, it can be placed on one of our screens.


LED TV Screen features:

  • Ability to display Custom Reflection Videos, event logos, and other graphic elements
  • Many different screen sizes available
    • 32″
    • 40″
    • 55″
    • 60″
    • 70″
  • Ability to display different video sources throughout your event.

Technical Requirements

  • Mounted on a Trussing Structure
  • AC Power: 120V / 4A