LED Video Wall

A Cutting Edge Video Solution

This state-of-the-art video solution is perfect for any event. Making projections screens a thing of the past with a massive, customizable LED Video Wall from Zone Entertainment. Our LED Video Wall can help your event go to the next level.


The Experience:

When it comes to our indoor/outdoor LED Video Wall the quality and reliability are able to take your media and elevate it to way more than just a simple projection screen. Providing clear visibility in both daytime and nighttime atmospheres, guests will be able to distinctly depict everything you are needing to display.


LED Video Wall:

  • Can be indoor or outdoor
  • Ability to be custom created to any size screen, or utilize multiple screens 
  • Can be transformed into a LED Video Dance Floor

Technical Requirements

  • Requires Zone Video Technician
  • Requires Custom Trussing Structure
  • AC Power: Varies depending on screen size