Wax Hand Take-Home Favor

Your hand with our wax creates this unique one-of-kind mold for you to take home and cherish forever. Zone Entertainment is able to bring this creative take-home favor to your event.


The Experience:

Dip your hand in several layers of different colored wax to create a custom mold of your hand to take home. With our trained team of wax experts, you can take home this awesome, creative, favor. WaxZone is a sure hit for your next event!


WaxZone Features:

  • Custom designed trussing setup with menu display   
  • Multiple wax colors to pick 
  • WaxZone take home box 
  • WaxZone activity attendant 
  • For use indoors, or outdoors

Technical Requirements

  • Minimum 8′ x 8′ footprint
  • AC Power: 120V/4A