Ground Support Trussing Structure

Bring The Party To The Crowd

With the use of a Ground Support Trussing Structure, your guests will experience the party in a whole new fashion. Bringing all of the lights and special effects above the heads and around all of your guests.


The Experience:

Using state-of-the-art trussing and lighting your dance floor experience will be transformed! By bringing all of your lighting and special effects over the dance floor, each guest will be a part of the action. A Ground Support Trussing Structure increases dance floor energy and acts as a beautiful large set piece to WOW your guests as they walk through the door.


Trussing Structure:

  • Custom created for your event
  • Fully lit structure with club-style lighting
  • Comes out onto the dance floor to involves all guests in the party

Technical Requirements

  • Minimum 11.5′ Ceiling Height
  • AC Power: 120V / 40A