Mobile Photo Station

Our photo booth that comes to you!

Our Mobile Photo Station is the photo boot that comes to you!  No longer is the photo booth stuck in one location, our friendly attendant walks around the event and captures guests in the moment enjoying the event. 


The Experience:

A Zone photo attendant walks around the event holding the circular, touch-screen kiosk.  Complete with multi-colored LED lights, this attractive station allows guests to capture images of them enjoying the party throughout the evening.  Guests can instantly share the photos to themsleves via text, email or social media.  Printing is also available as well. 

Social Sharing:

Our Mobile Photo Station includes social sharing LIVE at events.  Guests can share their photos on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.  They can also send photos directly to their phone via text message or email!


Mobile Photo Station includes:

  • Attractive, LED ring and circular touch screen
  • Completely wireless, this can go ANYWERE at your event
  • Custom artwork, logos, and text on photos
  • Photo printing also available
  • Exceptional Zone photo attendant to assist guests with the process

Technical Requirements

  • No footprint needed (wireless and mobile)
  • No power needed (completely wireless and battery powered)