Animated GIF Photo Booth 

Animated GIF Booth adds excitement to Your event!

Your own GIF at an event from Zone Entertainment’s animated GIF photo booth. With just a text you can send off your GIF to all your friends! 


The Experience:

Animated GIF Booth are a different twist on the traditional photo booth. Guests pose for 3 different photos, and the photo booth will create an animated GIF picture. Guests can share the animated GIF on social media, or get a copy via email. Our GIF Booth takes three or four looping photos or short bursts of video (boomeranged). GIFs can be branded with static or animated overlays. They are super fun to make and super easy to share.


GIF Photo Booth Features:

  • Animated GIF Photo Station  

Technical Requirements

  • Minimum 8′ x 8′ footprint
  • Strong/Decent Cell reception suggested 
  • AC Power: 120V/2A