Win It In A Minute Game Show

Fun With Household Items

Looking for an all inclusive activity to get numerous people involved? Win It In A Minute is for you! With a wide variety of fun and crazy games all played using everyday household items all of your guests are sure to enjoy this amazing game show.


The Experience:

The game starts with 10 contestants, who can be randomly selected or chosen beforehand. These contestants then battle head to head in 10 different challenges which use everyday household items. One contestant is eliminated each round until you are left with one final contestant who will then face the clock against a 60 second challenge.


PhotoZone includes:

  • All games supplies included
  • Interactive MC host
  • Custom audio video and lighting solution designed just for your event
  • Exceptional Zone activity attendants to assist in the games

Technical Requirements

  • Minimum 15′ x 20′ footprint
  • AC Power: 120V / 60A