Make Any Space Elegant

Drapery is one of the most versatile items Zone Entertainment offers. With different color varieties, this décor piece has the ability to block off sections of an area, or even be used as an accent with lighting elements, all while maintaining a stunning appearance.


The Experience:

Whether it’s stand-alone or hung with a particular style, there is no question that drapery can easily enhance the look of your next event. Find a color of drape that matches your event’s theme, or simply keep it white and add uplighting elements to create a colored atmosphere and set a mood.

Drape Options

Drapery Color Options:

  • Black
  • White (We can add lights to make this any color you want!)
  • Presidential Blue
  • Red
  • Gold
  • Other colors available

Technical Requirements

  • Minimum 8′ Ceiling Height
  • AC Power: NONE